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Paulo Mazzafera

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PM is a CNPq 1A Researcher, Full Member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and Full Member of the Academy of Sciences of the State of São Paulo. He was Head of Department (11/03/1997 – 23/08/1998 and 25/08/2000 – 08/05/2003), Assistant to the Unicamp Dean of Research (15/05/2003 – 28/09/2006), director of the Institute of Biology (30/09/2006 – 29/09/2010), Assistant to the Unicamp Rector (14/10/2011 22/03/2013) and Director of the National Lab. Science and Technology of Bioethanol – CTBE (8 /2015-9/2016). He was a member of the Botany Advisory Committee (CA-BO) of CNPq (July 2007 to July 2010). Member of the Coordination of Agricultural Sciences at Fapesp, from 04/2009-4/2018. Member of the Biotechnology Sectoral Fund, FINEP, as academic representative for the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, since 2019. Principal Investigator of the Center for Chemical Biology of Protein Kinases: leveraging drug development through open access research (FAPESP 2013/50724-5). Member of the Management Committee of the Unit for Research in Genomics Applied to Climate Change – UMIP GenClima/Embrapa/Unicamp. He was a Visiting Professor at ESALQ-USP from 2/2017 to 31/12/2021.