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Edgar Dutra Zanotto

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Materials Engineer-Universidade Federal de São Carlos (1976), MSc in Physics-IFSC-USP (1979), Ph.D. in Glass Tech-University of Sheffield, UK (1982). Polymers specialization-International School of Polymer Science, Ferrara, Itália, 1992. Visiting professor: (Fullbright Fellow) University of Arizona (1987); University of Central Florida (2005), Université Libre Bruxelles (2022). Prof. Titular Senior UFSCar. His WORK includes fundamental and applied research on crystallization kinetics and properties of glasses and glass-ceramics (GC), including rigorous tests, improvement or development of nucleation and growth models for glasses, effects of liquid phase separation on nucleation, surface crystallization kinetics, overall crystallization, glass stability, glass-forming ability, molecular structure and nucleation mechanism, sintering with simultaneous crystallization, diffusion, relaxation in glasses- mechanical, rheological, thermal and bio properties of glasses and GC. The technological branch of Zanotto´s team includes projects in partnership with 25 companies and consultancy to over 40 companies. He is also interested in the development of glasses and GC with improved or new functionalities using Machine Learning. EDZ created the Vitreous Materials Lab in 1977. He has PUBLISHED circa 400 original and review papers, 25 book chapters, 3 books, 5 book prefaces, 27 filled patents, and advised ~100 theses and postdocs. 30 ex-students and postdocs became professors or glass researchers. He RANKS 7th in the list of patents granted in Brazil. Regarding crystallization of oxide glasses, he is the most prolific at SCOPUS with the keywords (crystal nucleation glass). First in the AD Index (materials Brazil). Leadership index=93%, H index = 68 (Google), = 1.4. Listed in the PLOS ranking of 1% most influential researchers worldwide. EDZ has received 59 science AWARDS: e.g., Confap Prize 2023, Comenda ONMEI, Grã-Cruz medal, Nanocell Institute, Admiral Álvaro Alberto 2014, Comenda Nacional Ordem Mérito Cientifico (Knight), TWAS Engineering Award 2010, and various “glass” awards. CNPq researcher 1A. His AWARDS include the most important Brazilian prize (A^3), and 7 important glass research awards (Zachariasen Award, Gottardi Prize, Morey Award, Foster Prize; Turner, Cooper, and Scholes Lecturer), “Zanotto Award” created by MRS India. EDZ is an EDITOR of the Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, and Advisory Board Member of Int. Mat. Reviews (Key reader), Materials, S-Nature App.Sciences, Int. J. Applied Glass Science, Papers in Physics, Materials Research, Bull. Soc. Espanhola Ceramica y Vidrio, Iranian J.M.S&T;, and Cerâmica. He is a member of both Brazilian & São Paulo State ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, National Academy of Engineering, The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS), World Academy of Ceramics, Fellow Fullbright, Soc. Glass Tech, American Cer. Soc., Brazilian Cer. Soc. EDZ Chaired 6 of the most important glass congresses, member of Scientific Advisory Board of more than 50 materials and glass congresses, delivered over 400 conference presentations, including ~170 INVITED talks and ~40 plenary talks. FORMER consulting positions in academia, industry, and society: Adjunct coordinator of exact sciences and engineering Fapesp; Manager of Fapesp´s Patent Office, President- Scientific Committee Serrapilheira Institute, co-founder Brazilian MRS (SBPMat), Founding editor Materials Research (13years), Advisory Board member NSF´s IMI, TAB member O-I, USA, Chair of the GOMD Division American Ceramic Society. CURRENT POSITIONS in BRAZIL- Director of Fapesp´s CEPID-CeRTEV, President of the Council – São Carlos High Tech Park Foundation; Counselor Emeritus and Director of Brazilian Ceramic Society; Council Member of IMPA and Serrapilheira Institute, I2Mat President. INTERNATIONAL POSITIONS: JNCS Editor, ICG Crystallization Committee, ACerS Global Ambassador, Council member of Int. Ceramic Federation, Int. Com. Glass, and FunGlass Institut